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Running SSH commands on a server

First things first, let's define what is a CoolifyTask. It's a command (or multiple) that runs over SSH on a server, and that is tracked/monitored. This means it has a status, it has output (we can show it in real-time), and we can know all of this in a persisted Activity. It's a table for storing activity logs, and we use it in the workflow. It also has schemaless attributes, that might vary depending on the ActivityType.


  • remoteProcess: Async "CoolifyTask" that will run in the Queue

    • Arguments:
      • "ArrayOfCommands" string[]
      • A Server: Target where the commands will be run
      • (optional 1) Any Model to be the Activity->performedOn
      • (optional 2) Type: 'Deployment' and value forTypeUuid
  • instantRemoteProcess: Immediately run command under Process::run and return the ouput.

    • Arguments:
      • "ArrayOfCommands" string[]
      • A Server: Target where the commands will be run
    • Note: Pest Arch must ensure this helper is just called when running in a queue.

Understanding Coolify Task

  • app/Data/CoolifyTaskArgs.php The parameters to execute a CoolifyTask, organized in a DTO.

  • app/Actions/CoolifyTask/PrepareCoolifyTask.php This is where a Coolify Task gets started, with its arguments, and an Activity is created to further monitor/trace.

  • app/Jobs/CoolifyTask.php This runs in a queue worker, by using a persisted Activity with everything needed to run.

  • app/Actions/CoolifyTask/RunRemoteProcess.php The actual execution, and Activity updates, so that any monitoring/tracing gets updated.

Released under the Apache License.