Run Coolify with existing Traefik instance

Here is a detailed blog post from Nicolas Beaussart on how to use Coolify with your existing Traefik instance!

Rollback to a specific version

You can always roll back to a specific Coolify version (for example 3.11.1) with the following command:

wget -q -O; sudo bash ./ -fx 3.11.1 

As database schema changes sometimes, there could be a potential problem where the UI/API is looking for old schema that does not exists anymore and throws an error. Then you should revert the rollback.

Reset Root password

This will tag the root user with a password reset flag. Then if you login in the next 10 minutes, your password will be changed to the password you are using to login.

If expires, just execute this script again.

docker exec coolify bash -c "sqlite3 /app/db/prod.db 'update User set password=\"RESETME\", updatedAt=`date +%s%N|cut -b1-13` where id=0'"