Destinations define where to deploy your application, database, or service.

Destinations are helpful to create network separation from different applications. Applications, databases, and services within the same network could communicate with each other.

Supported Destinations

Local Docker Engine

It means all resources are deployed to the same server as Coolify is running on.


  1. Engine - /var/run/docker.sock - You cannot modify this.
  2. Network - Used to create docker networks within the defined Docker Engine.
  3. Coolify Proxy - This is a special proxy based on Traefik, configured automatically by Coolify.

Remote Docker Engine

Allows you to use any kind of server as a destination endpoint.

You can have one Coolify instance as a control-plane/dashboard and deploy to unlimited number of remote servers.


The server needs to have:

  1. Install Docker Engine (20.11+) - instructions.
  2. Add SSH public key to .ssh/authorized_keys file in the proper user’s home directory, recommended root, but it can be any user who have access to Docker Engine.
  3. Add the private key of the same SSH key added to the remote server in the Settings/SSH Keys menu.