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Coolify is a self-hostable, all-in-one solution to host your applications, databases, or other open-source services with a few simple clicks.

It's an alternative software to Heroku and Netlify and other alternatives out there.

Live demo


If you have a new service / build pack you would like to add, raise an idea here to get feedback from the community!

Who is it for?

  1. Hobbyists to quickly run your applications and ship that MVP! 🚢
  2. Companies and teams who would like to host their resources in-house. 🛖
  3. For everyone who would not like to rely on huge cloud providers for any reason. ⛅
  4. Or for anyone who likes cool software. 😎

Why does it exists?

It started because I was curious if I could write it. And this happened.

I use it for all my applications, and since its launch, more and more people and companies have started to use it daily!

Released under the Apache License.