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Destinations define where to deploy your application, database, or service.

Destinations are helpful to create network separation from different applications. Applications, databases, and services within the same network could communicate with each other.

Each team could have different networks.

Types of destinations supported

  • Local Docker Engine

Upcoming support

  • Remote Docker Engine (WIP)
  • Kubernetes (WIP)

Local Docker Engine

There are 2 main configuration for Local Docker Engines.

  1. Engine - /var/run/docker.sock - You cannot modify this.
  2. Network - Used to create docker networks within the defined Docker Engine.
  3. Coolify Proxy - This is a special proxy based on HAProxy, configured automatically by Coolify.

Using this proxy is optional but highly recommended. You can use your own reverse proxy, but you need to configure it manually, which could be a considerable effort.