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Users in the root team can configure system-wide settings here.


This is optional.

You can specify a domain name to your Coolify instance. Otherwise you need to use ip:3000 to reach your instance and all webhooks will be going to this destination.

Public Port Range

Used for:

  • Public databases
  • Services with special needs
  • SSH connections to Remote Docker Engines


Allow these ports in your firewall.

DNS Check

By default, all DNS settings would be resolvable by Let's Encrypt servers and Coolify. If you are using behind a reverse proxy or tunnel, you can disable this check to prevent unnecessary errors.

Custom DNS Servers

This is optional.

If you have an internal DNS server, you can specify them here. Otherwise, the OS configured DNS servers will be used.

Registration allowed

After the first registration, this option is enabled to prevent unwanted registrations.

Auto Update Coolify (beta)

If you enable it, the update process of Coolify will be done automatically. You do not need to click on that pink shiney button anymore.

SSH Keys

You can add SSH Keys (private keys) to your Coolify instance, which can be used to connect to a Remote Docker Engine.

Released under the Apache License.