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Configure domain

Add your domain#

Once you have an account, you must add and validate your domain. It could be done by adding the right domain name (without https and www) and press +.


Example: If you would like to add, you only need to type in

Validate your domain#

Once you added your domain, you need to validate your ownership by adding a TXT record to your domain. Please check your DNS provider documentation for the exact process.


If your domain is already activated by someone else, you cannot add it again. Please ask the domain administrator to invite you as an administrator of that domain. It can be done in the Settings menu. Or if you cannot solve it, contact us! We are happy to help you.


In the example, please add a TXT record called localhost with the value of 34e1025b-66f4-4c71-bd62-d60cb6645e17.


If you are done with the validation, you can freely remove it!