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coolLabs fonts is a privacy-friendly drop-in replacement for Google Fonts.

You can use it for free to add fonts to your side. It will be free forever.

Who is it for?

Everyone with privacy issues with Google Fonts does not want their users to be used as data while surfing your websites/applications.

Why does it exists?

To have a choice for a privacy-focused but still developer-friendly font library.

Why is it free?

I'm using BunnyCDN to serve all the fonts close to your users, and it costs me around $1/month, so technically, for me, it's not free.

How is privacy focused?

  • All the application code is open-sourced.
  • BunnyCDN has an option to disable logging altogether.
  • Hosted on a bare metal server, not on a cloud provider.

Who's idea was this?

It was mine. I'm building it with my community over Twitter/Discord/Github. If you are interested, come join and let's talk. :)

Product Hunt

Product Hunt