Applications are used to deploy a production version of your code. All data are based on your provided git repositories.

Coolify not just builds but also configures a reverse proxy (Traefik) automatically and requests an SSL certificate through Let’s Encrypt.

You just need to push your code!

If you have a new build pack you would like to add, raise an idea here to get feedback from the community!

Supported Applications

Applications are based on custom build packs and Heroku build packs

Build packs have predefined configurations and build processes, especially for frameworks, like VueJs, Svelte, React, etc.

These build processes do not handle all the use-cases, just the most commonly used ones. Consider using the Docker build pack if you need a custom build process.

To choose the best-fitting build pack, Coolify scans your repository to guess it.

Build Images

You can choose which build and deployment image you would like to use during build. For example node version 14/16/18.


Secrets are environment variables that should be set during build or runtime.

Exposed Port

You can expose your application to a port on the host system.

Useful if you would like to use your own reverse proxy or tunnel and also in development mode of Coolify.

Automatic Deployment

Enable automatic deployment through webhooks. Enabled by default.

Useful to turn off if you would like to deploy your applications manually, not on every commit.

MR/PR Previews

Automatically builds Merge Request and Pull Requests. Default: off

Useful when you would like to see others’ work deployed.

They could have different secrets than the main application.

Useful when you want to have a staging version of your application, e.g., connected to a separate database than the main application.

Debug Logs

To see extended build logs. Default: off

Useful if something is wrong with the build process.

Deployment Types

Integrated with Git App

Your application will be deployed through your Git App. Useful for private repositories.

Fully integrated with Git flows, receive webhooks, rebuilds every commit, review PR/MR’s, etc.

Public Repository from Git

Your application will be built and deployed based on any public repositories from and

No auto deployments based on new commits.


Simple Dockerfile

Your application will be deployed based on the simple dockerfile you used.

No Git integration, no need for a repository, just a pure Dockerfile.